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Older Nuclear Loaded Entertainment products (no longer supported)

nPoly is a set of functions for Blitz to handle 2D polygonal collision. It is quite fast and accurate, prefect for creating 2D games.
nPoly 1.0.0 (616kb - July 8th 2004)


nBMP is an accurate (array-based) BMP file library for Blitz. It permits the user of creating, loading, grabbing, modifying and converting BMP files easily.
nBMP 1.0.0 (1,012kb - October 29th 2003)

ParticleWorks is a 3D particles engine library for Blitz. Features: full particle and emitter control, custom meshes, animated textures, collisions, etc.
ParticleWorks 1.0.1 (3,787kb - November 12th 2003)

The Logger is a message logging userlib for Blitz. It is used for those list of messages in games such as a chat window / status window in a game.
Logger 1.1.1 (872kb - October 29th 2003)

The predecessor of nSprite 2, was originally a freeware 2D-in-3D library for Blitz which included all features. It later was split up as nSprite with only the basic features and nSprite Pro which had more features. This product is no longer available.

EverQuest Skill Lister
EQSL was a log parser for Sony's popular MMORPG EverQuest. It went through character logs and searched for important stats like skill levels, monsters killed, factions, etc. This product is no longer available.